How To Cut Hair

How To Cut Hair  

Finally A Step By Step Guide That Shows You Exactly How To Cut Hair using the latest Hair Cutting Techniques

Learn To Cut Hair At Home With My Easy To Follow DVDs

A must have collection suitable for complete beginners and hairdressing students hungry for more knowledge.


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Ken Graham

Dear Friend

Have you always wanted to be a top stylist or hair cutter, but children, home commitments, financial priorities etc. got in the way?

Perhaps you are a stylist looking to renew their creative potential  or a hairdresser looking to get back into the industry who wants to  learn the "how to's" of the latest fashion styles. If you have doubts about aspects of your technique then help is at  hand, using these easy to follow haircutting DVDs plus free support, will ensure complete understanding of what you are doing and why, giving you the opportunity to create a  large and lucrative clientelle.

Through my many years of experience in the hairdressing industry I have developed a structured system of teaching called the K-U-T-S Method and have put this onto a series of 6 Step by Step Easy to Follow Hair Cutting DVDs suitable for the complete beginner or hairdressing student.

Using my unique K.U.T.S METHOD I will give you the simple secrets necessary for you to move forward step by step, gaining confidence, creativity and an in-depth understanding of haircutting principles.

scissors and combs

Some hairdresser training videos guarantee to turn you into a top stylist in a couple of hours, I don't claim that... nobody is that clever!! But you will learn the basic hair cutting techniques properly, and be able to adapt your new found knowledge into your own style of working, and using the seminars build on that knowledge, and the income will surely follow.

I urge you to get started "There is no time like the present" - Take the plunge - Get that knowledge and see for yourself!

So Whats The K.U.T.S Method?

It's a fast track path to becoming a successful hair stylist!



The K.U.T.S DVD collection has been specially designed to show you exactly how to cut hair and achieve todays' modern haircuts.


Understanding enables you to turn one haircut into many diferent styles and underscores your own sense of hair cutting design, which along with observation and and consultation lies the key to successful client building.


 The K.U.T.S Method covers layering, graduation, slide cutting, cutting in, point cutting, block graduation, scissor over comb, razor cutting and more!


With the K.U.T.S Method you will learn how to finish each of the cuts demonstrated in the master course with the appropriate finishing method, including Finger and Scrub drying, Blow Drying and Straightening.


With The K.U.T.S Method You Will:

pink tick Learn how to cut hair as if you were my apprentice, standing by my side helping me.
pink tick Learn different haircuts and how to adapt them to your clients wishes.
pink tick Discover the little secrets all successful hair stylists use to enable them to suceed with each difering personality they encounter during their day.
pink tick Learn the right way to approach a client - to understand what she is asking for - to give her help to arrive at a suitable compromise should another style be a better choice and have her go away happy
pink tick Understand the principles of what you are doing which is the key to unlocking your natural abilities and give you a quiet confidence which will impress and relax a new client.
pink tick Learn different hair cutting techniques which will impress your client, and your confidence will grow along with your bank balance.


So Why am I doing This?

Well thats simple really,

Woman Cutting HairI was asked by a long standing client of mine, who told me, quite out of the blue, that she had always wanted to be a hairdresser, but her parents couldn't support her as she had a young child, then she got married and had another child... and with a full time job... at which she is very successful, her dream of becoming a top stylist was put aside, but she always enjoys her visits to the salon "why don't you put what you know on a disc, Ken?"

It struck me then, there must be lots of people out there, men and women, with a similar story... no time for a full-time private course, even evening courses can be very expensive , and then only one night a week for a few weeks

So how great would it be if someone with the desire, could learn how to cut hair at home with friends or family as models, from a series of hairdresser training videos explaining in simple language, the art of cutting hair and of hairstyling. And all the while giving tips and hints in a conversational style that will widen their knowledge base very quickly.

It would be the next best thing to actually being in a salon as an apprentice, where people pay big money to have their hair cut by a professional stylist, and the apprentice learns by watching and listening.

So Thats Exactly What I've Done!

6 How To Cut Hair DVD Set

Five Haircutting DVDs plus one Bonus DVD

Packed with tips and haircutting techniques along with precise instructions on how to achieve haircuts that will provide you with the basis for an infinite variety of styles ... and, an extra income that will grow and grow!!


Cutting Angle Charts to back up the DVDs,

If that wasn't enough,

I've also included Free Guides On:

Health and Safety

Hair Growth Cycle

Hair Growth Patterns

Tools and Equipment

Hair Health

Head Sheets



Why Would You Do This Course?

  • Maybe you want to own your own salon or perhaps become a freelance stylist?
  • Are you already a make up artist who wants to add hairdressing to your qualifications?
  • Are you already a hairdresser and all you need is help with haircutting techniques you're not sure of?
  • A complete beginner with an interest in doing hairdressing as a hobby or to cut friends and families hair?

In short, if your really into making serious money as a hairstylist, This simple to follow haircutting DVD course is for you!!

Whats in the box?

Five Hair cutting DVDs Packed with nuggets on"how to"on hair cutting and finishing in an easy to follow format.

DVD 1 How to Cut Hair CollectionCD 1-GETTING STARTED


Introduction and explanation of the K.U.T.S Method including client handling and the consultation.




Included in CD 1 are:

pink tick

Shampooing, Conditioning and Combing through

pink tick Explanation of the tools required
pink tick Gowning up a client for a cut
pink tick Holding the Scissors
pink tick Parting and Sectioning including a Zig Zag parting
pink tick Cutting Fringes
pink tick Simple One Length Trim
pink tick One Length Trim including an Angle
pink tick Simple Short Layer Cut



DVD 2 How to Cut Hair CollectionDVD 2-FUNDAMENTALS   (Phase 1)


In the second DVD you'll learn about getting it together with Layers, Graduation and Texturising Methods.

Understanding what Layers and Graduation are, and the difference between them is fundamental.

I explain and demonstrate this in this section with:


pink tick

A Classic Bob Cut

pink tick A short Layered cut
pink tick A short asymmetric cut
pink tick Classic Bob styling - Featuring...natural dry, traditional brush dry, polished bob and straighteners.

3 Photos of different layered haircuts



Scissor over Comb techniques.... and clipper use for that really short look, using a male model.

Demonstrate and explain Block Graduation a haircutting technique that will save you so much time and effort when you have mastered it !

Learn Cross-checking techniques, I cover most of the finishing methods available to you as a creative stylist. Also including finger and scrub drying.


DVD 3 How to Cut Hair CollectionDVD 3-FUNDAMENTALS  (Phase 2)


A carry over from Fundamentals phase 1, with more haircutting techniques to get to grips with.





pink tick A Long Layered Cut
pink tick A rework of the Layered Cut using Disconnection in the top area
pink tick A Short Layered Haircut
pink tick A Full Head Razor Cut

DVD 4 How To Cut Hair CollectionDVD 4-PROGRESSION (phase 1)


Todays Fashion Haircuts and how to achieve them , are the subject of haircutting dvd 4 and 5.



The "BUZZWORDS" nowadays are, (and this is just a sample) Texturising, chipping-in, personalising, disconnected, shattered, definition and many more... the list does go on.

I will explain and demonstrate all the above along with the appropriate finishing technique, to achieve The "Look".... The ones you see in the Hair and fashion magazines and celebs promo videos.

Phase 1:

pink tick A Graduated Bob
pink tick An Asymmetric Haircut
pink tick The Beckham Bob

And more.....

Fashion Texturising Methods are strong and it's easy to overuse, So I explain the pitfalls and how to avoid them.

As with all of the cuts, I finish off using a variety of techniques. finger drying, scrub drying and straightening with GHD's etc., to achieve looks with todays' contemporary feel .



DVD5 How To Cut Hair CollectionDVD 5 Progression (Phase 2)


More styles and haircutting techniques to strengthen your knowledge and raise your confidence levels.




Phase 2:

pink tick A Short Clipper Cut (introducing the main attachments)
pink tick A Disconnected Haircut
pink tick A Short "Choppy" Haircut
pink tick A rework of the Disconnected Look



DVD 6 How To Cut Hair CollectionDVD 6-TOTAL CREATIVITY

I demonstrate my thinking behind whatever I create, This dvd is also full of tips and haircutting techniques that are guaranteed to set you apart from the rest ! and I cover unique techniques and tricks used for Catwalk, Fashion and Bridal with Romantic Styles for more intimate photo shoots that I call Front Cover Hair.



pink tick Catwalk Looks (styling)
pink tick How to create long lasting, natural looking curls for a variety of Looks.    (Styling)     
pink tick The "Beret" Haircut.  Taking an idea and turning it into your own creation.

pink tick A Rework of the "Beret" Haircut. Taking that creation and 
producing another unique haircut.





DVD 6 is COMPLETELY FREE For The Next 94 People

Throughout this comprehensive tutorial I will be sharing with you some of the most innovative techniques and ideas this great craft has to offer , and some of us have spent a lifetime, perfecting what we do, and we are proud of the fact we are able to earn our living in this industry,

So, If you are not serious about How to Cut Hair , then this is Not for you, don't get involved! This Six Volume Yes Six Volume Collection ...........


Allow me to explain, my original brief was to create and produce a collection of Masterclass Demonstrations on How To Cut Hair but after numerous requests to expand the demos to include Hairdressing , the Art of Dressing Hair, with Long Hair Up Styles, Bridal Styles etc., i've produced......

THE HOW TO CUT HAIR DVD COLLECTION - If you take on board just a tenth of what i've packed into this course - i guarantee you will earn the cost of this priceless knowledge hundreds of times over.

So Now You Know That You've Absolutely Nothing To Lose!
Try My How To Cut Hair Course

39 day guaranteeRisk Free For 30 Days!

With My 30 Day GUARANTEED PROMISE Of Positive Advancement OR...


Every Penny Of Your Hard Earned Cash Back - EVERY PENNY!


Email SupportPlus 6 Months FREE Email Support

For A Limited Time Only You'll also receive a full 6 months unlimited email support just incase you have any questions regarding the course or a particular topic.

Full Package Includes...

6 DVD Set from How To Cut Hair

pink tick DVD 1: Getting Started
pink tick DVD 2: Fundamentals (phase 1)
pink tick DVD 3: Fundamentals (phase 2)
pink tick DVD 4: Progression (phase 1)
pink tick DVD 5: Progression (phase 2)
pink tick DVD 6: Total Creativity
pink tick Cutting Angle Charts
pink tick

Guides: Health and Safety

Hair Growth Cycle

Hair Growth Patterns

Tools and Equipment

Head Sheets

Hair Health

pink tick 6 Months Unlimited Email Support
pink tick 30 Day Positive Advancement Money Back Guarantee



Total Package Value £359.95

But that is not the price i'm offering you today!

I am offering you for a limited time only, (the price will go up)

The entire DVD Collection Package for just a one time investment of


Thats a fraction of the usual cost,

and don't forget it comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

and whats' more

when you place your order with me your SHIPPING IS FREE!!

So What do you have to Lose?

Order Today Via Secure PayPal Payment

For Just £147.00




Whatever you decide, Its been a pleasure ....... I wish you every success and happiness in Life

Yours truly

Ken Graham

TEL: 0161 4288174

INT: 00 44 161 4288174


89a High Street
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      United Kingdom

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