Sectioning & Cutting the Back Section for a Classic Bob.

In this clip I demonstrate how I cut in the back sections of a Classic Bob, and in future demos I will demonstrate how to cut in a little more graduation. Using

the same model.Photo of a steep angled bob

Lets make a start.  For this method I am working on wet hair.

It is so important to get the first section exactly the right length, as each section subsequent to this is cut using the first as a guide.

I cut the first section in having asked my client to look straight ahead as she would do normally, and checking exactly what length will look right for the type of bob she requires, make a note of how close to the hairline I must cut, and then allowing her to drop her head forward to a comfortable position where I can go ahead and cut in this first section.  This is really important as the chances are if you don’t do it this way, and you cut the hair with the client’s head in the forward position, you could leave the hair too long, and of course all the following sections also, requiring you to have to re- cut the whole thing again, wasting valuable time.

Having checked the length, begin by cutting in a slight concave shape, working from the centre toward the ears. You can use your fingers like a ruler to secure the section when you want to cut from the opposite direction.

With a classic bob shape, in order to create a small amount of graduation your next sections should be stretched down and cut into the guideline This stretching on wet hair should ensure a little graduation, however if you raise your clients head slightly before you cut each section, along with the stretching will produce even more graduation. Which with practice, will enable you to change the shape of the bob, and be in control of all hair types. Using this gentle graduation  cutting would not be referred to as a graduated bob, and I will discuss this in a future clip.



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  1. Hi there, I love this haircut, thanks for posting it. Do you perhaps have more shots from the model? I would love to see how her hair looks on the side and maybe from the front. I’m searching for a Graduated bob that would look good on me. I found this one and love it!
    If it’s not to much to ask could you please send me these if you have any more pics please. I would appreciate it
    Melinda D


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